Female PenisAppearance Issues: What’s Right About Pushing It?

The penis can seem to have a complicated set of issues at the ready, unsure of which is which at any given moment. 정품 비아그라 구입 Still, men who are eager to get things done down there should know that penis health is crucial not only to their general health but to their penile performance as well. Practicing safe sex is a crucial component of overall penis care, not to mention that a man who exercises appropriate penis care likely wishes to see a doctor for a regular checkup.

So what’s the right way to see a woman’s vagina? Rather than a rolling ball of readiness, the penis presents a more flattering picture. Sitting atop a woman’s clean and happy tool, it provides a definitive view of the internal reproductive anatomy. Even though the exhibit in question may be of an abnormal size, this appearance can be pleasing. Just remember to present it in its accustomed domed state. Unlike the exterior sphincter, the reflex action of the female G-spot requires relaxation to function at its best.

Whether relaxing or not, the key is to prepare the penis for penetration, and that requires a bit of patience.

How to do it

1) Pull it in

When a man’s partner is on top, he can pull his penis in further as he goes to impact. His relaxed, standing rock erection can feed upon itself and grow into a roused state that is ready for deeper penetration.

2) Set the rock back

If the partner is riding just on the top of the penis, the man can place his hand over the top half of the organ. The thumb should be on the connecting skin (the clitoris isInside the vagina, not visible through the vaginal opening). So pressure the penis with the thumb on the clitoris and just hold it there. This stimulates the clitoris and FUEL it like nothing else! The thumb can be impaired by the strain of the thrusting action, but it adds a special touch to the experience.

3) Flatten on the belly

The woman’s belly is an often-ignored erogenous zone. Many sex positions provide for front-to-back contact of the belly. This includes: the spoon, the pillow, the doggie-style, and the style most likely to produce belly-to-belly contact is doggy-style. If the woman is on her side, the man should lie on his back and her legs come together at her sides, pinning her to her sides; this denies her movement and concentration, which is most important.

inside the vagina, there is a spongy and rough lump, which is the g-spot. The man should use a “come hither,” stroking motion to stroke this spot. The woman can also try “in and out,” by Imagine if her vagina was objecting to penetration. To stimulate this spot with the penis, the man should lie on top, initiating the movement, and the woman can twist around and nod her head to help stimulate the spot.

There are many other ways to stimulate the g-spot and the woman. The best one, however, is to simply sit back and relax. The movement and pressure created by this simple position can be incredible for the woman and a potent technique to take her to new glimmery depths of pleasure.

Lick her

The clitoris is extremely sensitive. And, because the clitoris is on the outside of the vagina and harder to reach, the man can offer her more direct stimulation by using his tongue. This can send her over the edge quickly. A man can get better access by planting his feet near the woman’s buttocks and using his hands to rub her buttocks.

Don’t copy those positions. Make your own variations by adding penetration or changing the angle of entry. Add variety to pleasure.

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