Our building, Classrooms, Laboratories, Libraries, play Materials and other related infrastructural facilities available at this end are in no uncertain terms, the pride of our possession and the envy of our neighbors. Our computer laboratories, workshops etc., are adequately equipped with state of the art technology for the all- round benefit of the students. Our libraries are housed in spacious building with thousands of text books, reference books, study materials, journals, magazines and news papers, the reading rooms are adequately furnished with good ventilation and lighting facility.

Our Faculty:

Our institutions are endowed with well experienced, seasoned and highly qualified teaching faculty with industrial experience in all the branches. We are immensely happy and proud of our faculty for their devotion, dedication, diligence and punctuality in discharging their legitimate duties to the utmost satisfaction of the students, the management, the parents and day out to inspire and ignite the imagination, originally, creativity and positive thinking of our students in a befitting manner.


The laboratories are fully equipped with latest and sophisticated equipment to meet the needs of curriculum as per the AICTE norms. These most modern facilities are provided for the students to experiment, explore and digest the intricacies of Engineering, Technological & Pharmaceutical Science in support of the rigorous learning schedules.

Central Library:

The College has built a spacious Central Library spanning a total floor area. Combining aesthetics with utility, the modern Library houses more than 13,000 titles and subscriptions to over 20 national and international journals. The Library comes with provision for modern facilities including Library Automation, Media Center, Stock Section, Reference Section, issue Section with advanced computers and other peripherals. The Reference section is complete open access. This section is available for reference purpose between 8 am to 12 am on all working days and 8am to 4.30 pm. The Library reading space can accommodate nearly 200 students. Separate reading space is available for staff and students. Digital Library is also available with latest configuration systems for the benefit of the students.

Digital Library:

Has 52 Computers connected on LAN and allows browsing the Internet only for Academic purpose. The Library has IEEE, ASME, ASCE, J Gate Engineering, J-Gate Management, NPTEL online subscription and Membership in Development Library Network (DELNET), through which one can access specialized list of reference books, serials and non-book materials as well.


The institution has provides state-of-the-art hostel accommodation to both boy and girl students separately within the campus. These hostels have a full-time warden, recreation facilities, a small waiting hall and reading room, power backup, other facilities. Students enjoy the feel at home environment in the hostels.


The Canteen provides good quality lunch, snacks and nutritious food soft drinks at subsidized rates in the college canteen to meet basic needs of the students and staff.


Our Colleges are located at very accessible distance of KMS. Away from Srikakulam, abutting NH-5. Vey frequent transport facilities Viz. Buses and Autos are available for every 2-3 minutes to the colleges from Srikakulam town. The colleges are also providing bus facilities to the students in and around Srikakulam town on payment basis.


Sports are a special feature of our Colleges and students have excelled in this area. The spacious ground is an advantage to the students of the campus. The college has well equipped infrastructural facilities and students are encouraged to play and practice various indoor and outdoor games. It is observed that most students throng to seek admission in this institution for the simple reason that they are sports lovers and they get attracted by the huge campus.

Internet Facility:

Twenty-Four hours inter facility is available in our institutions for the benefit of the student and staff to further their academic interest. Our Students avail internet facility round the clock under the guidance and super vision of our faculty members.